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The Wine Merchant of Showplace Square

Our Top Picks
2008 Seccal (Valpolicella Ripasso), Nicolis, Veneto
Strong ruby red color. Intense, classic bouquet suggesting ripe fruit, spices and tobacco. Full-bodied, generous,warm, and long-lasting. It leaves a pleasant dry and sapid mouth.
Price: $26.95 More Info
2005 Amarone Valpolicella Classico, Nicolis, Veneto
Deep dark ruby red which gradually turns into garnet. Powerful and aristocratic nose made of ripe fruit, jam, sensations of cocoa, walnut, tobacco and leather. Elegant and powerful wine with a distinct spicy bouquet, with utterly distinctive flavours; it shows an impressive balance between volume and smoothness, warmth and crispness, austerity and richness. Endless long lansting.
Price: $48.75 More Info
2005 Amarone, Ambrosan, Nicolis, Veneto
This is the Nicolis standard-bearer. It is a princely wine, full bodied, elegant and vigorous. Its color is an intense garnet red. On the palate, it is dry and generous, powerful and yet delicate. Its complex fragrances suggest blossoms and well-ripened fruit, with insistent nuances of autumn leaves and leather. This wine has a “three-dimensional” tasting progression, where the management of the alcohol content in harmony with the important structure and aromatic richness agree in a sense of elegant power.
Price: $67.95 More Info
2005 Recioto della Valpolicella, Nicolis, Veneto
Deep garnet color. Intense bouquet, delicate with floral impressions, of violets, iris, wild roses, and of vanilla. Full creamy sweet flavours, velvety, warm, rich in character and quite crisp.
Price: $46.95 More Info

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